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Orlando, FL

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Hurting Murphy is an artist based out of Orlando, Florida who has been developing his sound now for over 4 years. First getting into producing when he bought his friend's macbook for 150 bucks with a cracked version of Ableton 9, he began his career by creating beats for his brother who goes by rapper name Jaxon Pryce.

Since then he's gone on to learn production by watching instructional videos and listening to music constantly.

Now, 26 years old, Hurting Murphy has established himself as a DJ and producer whose signature style varies within the heavier side of bass music. With songs like 'WTF', 'Romp N' Stomp' and 'Salty,' he has focused on elements of dubstep, trap, boombap gangster rap, UK hip hop, heavy metal, experimental, hybrid and anything in-between. Through influences like MF DOOM, ofthetrees, Eliminate, DJ Premier, Peekaboo, Subtronics and ATLiens to name a few, he has created some absolutely powerful productions.

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